Chapter 8.0
Adam Quanz Family in New York State
By Martin Joseph Quanz

        John Quanz was born in Germany, December 28, 1853. John was the son of Adam Quanz and his mother's maiden name was Ann Marie Wegand. Mary Kimmel was born August 10, 1862, in Wayland, NY. She died November 29, 1925 at the age of 63 years. She married John Quanz.


John Quanz
         All I know about John Quanz's family was that he always said, "he had two brothers who were Colonels in the Kaiser Wilhelm's army and they told that the situation in Germany was very bad and that John should get out of Germany. That is why John came to America, in 1873, when he was 19 years old.
        He came to Rochester, New York to stay with a cousin who lived there. He came to Wayland and worked for Martin Kimmel I. He was a carpenter and cabinetmaker.
        Here are pictures of Johnís brothers in their uniforms. We are still seeking information on these brothers.


Mary Kimmel Quanz was the youngest daughter of Martin Kimmel I and Catherine Gross Kimmel of Perkinsville, NY.


Mary Kimmel Quanz

        John Quanz bought the 160-acre farm from the Patchins in 1903. The farm was located in Patchinville, on Route 21, four miles south of Wayland, NY. It is still owned today by Martin Quanz of Patchinville. In 1905 John Quanz built the barn. In 1909 they started on the house completing it in 1911. That same year he married Mary Kimmel, of Wayland Stuben County, New York.
        In 1925 they added a horse barn to the end of the main barn. They had five horses at that time that were used for transportation and for working the fields. Some of the fields are on steep hills and were much easier to work with a team of horses than with tractors.

John Quanz later in his life.

        In 1945, my grandmother, Mary Kimmel Quanz, died of cancer of the stomach and Grandpa John decided to sell the farm and moved in with his daughter Katherine Mark. He had an auction on the farm and sold everything that the family didnít want. John lived with Katherine until he died on April 3, 1940 at the age of 87 years.

Mary Kimmel Quanz


        On March 11, 1991 the house caught fire. Just after lunch Martin was called by a neighbour and told that there was smoke coming out of the back of the house. He ran up there to see what he could do. In hindsight he wishes he had gone into the basement to turn the water on so he could put out the fire himself because it took the fire department about 30 minutes to arrive at the house. By then the fire had progressed so far that they had to cut holes in the roof and walls to reach the fire. The fire went up into the attic destroying much of the roof. He replaced the roof, windows and siding but the interior needs to be refinished. Martin currently uses it as a workshop and storage for his homemade wine and cider.
        The house originally had a slate roof for both long life and to keep the water collected for the cistern as clean as possible. Martinís mother used the soft rainwater collected from the eves and stored in the cistern for washing clothes and bathing.
        The homestead has a Courtland and Spy apple orchard near the house. Martinís mother lived in the house until she passed away in 1970. The wood stove she used is still in the kitchen. The house also has a good-sized pantry, dining room, living room and several bedrooms on the two upper floors.
        The road that the homestead is located on is called Quanz Road.

They had eight children, four boys and four girls:

John H.
The Family of John Quanz

1. Mary Quanz Kurtz

        Mary Quanz Kurtz was born March 27, 1881. She died November 1, 1962 at the age of 81 years. She married George M. Kurtz who was born March 2, 1881. He died in a car accident on July 4, 1966 at the age of 85 years on his way to Rochester, New York to visit his daughter Marion.


Mary and George Kurtz
50th Wedding Anniversary


        They had two daughters: Genevieve and Marion. Both are still living as this is being written. Genevieve is 97 living in Buffalo and Marion is 91 and living in a nursing home in Rochester. Mary and George have passed away and so have Genevieve and Marionís husbands.

Genevieve Kurtz McLaughlin
        Genevieve Kurtz McLaughlin was born March 16, 1904. On June 27, 1928 she married Arthur McLaughlin who was born February 6, 1902. He died July 11, 1981 at the age of 79 years.

They had three children:
Ann Marie

1. Richard McLaughlin was born September 17, 1929. On January 13, 1951 he married Jean Teufel McLaughlin who was born October 28, 1928. They have one daughter, Karen.

        Karen Ann McLaughlin was born on November 9, 1964. On June 28, 1986 she married Martin Winger who was born December 26, 1962 in San Diego, CA. They have two daughters, Kathleen Ann and Allison Jean.

        Kathleen Ann Winger was born on November 11, 1989 in San Diego.

        Allison Jean Winger was born on July 9, 1991 in San Diego.

2. Ann Marie McLaughlin Westner was born August 8, 1932. On May 7, 1955 she married Donald Westner who was born April 25, 1931. They have three children: Barbara, Thomas, and William.

        Barbara Westner Goldpenny was born May 6, 1956. On May 31, 1986 she married Timothy Goldpenny who was born January 8, 1957. They have a daughter, Tiffany and a son, Grant.

        Tiffany Ann Goldpenny was born September 30, 1987.

        Grant Arthur Goldpenny was born Aril 21, 1995.

        Thomas Westner was born August 3, 1957.

        William Westner was born October 7, 1963.

3. Jane McLaughlin Tugwell was born November 14, 1937. On August 6, 1960 she married Nicholas Sciortino who was born March 31, 1936. They have two boys, Nicholas and Terrence Sciortino. Jane and Nick were divorced in 1978. Jane married Ian Tugwell for her second husband on June 19, 1987. He was born September 27, 1929.

        Nicholas Sciortino was born February 19, 1964.

        Terrence Sciortino was born October 27, 1966.

Marion Kurtz Yohon
        Marion Kurtz Yohon was born November 29, 1910. On January 23, 1933 she married Victor Yohon who was born October 29, 1906. They have one boy and one girl, George and Mary Lou.

1. George Yohon was born December 21, 1936. On September 28, 1963 George married Ellen Hansen who was born August 16, 1939. She died March 29, 1980. She was 40 years old. They have two boys, Steven and Scott.

        Steven Yohon was born March 11, 1964. On June 22, 1991 he married Christine Vanderhoof who was born on August 2, 1962. They have one son, Kenneth Charles.

        Kenneth Charles Yohon was born May 13, 1993.

        Scott Yohon was born November 27, 1968.

2. Mary Lou Yohon Shelhamer was born August 5, 1944. On February 15, 1969 she married John Shelhamer who was born August 1, 1942. They have one son, Michael.

        Michael Shelhamer was born January 30, 1972.

2. Martin George Quanz
Martin George Quanz was born Dec. 24,1884 in Wayland New York. He died Oct. 27, 1947 at the age of 63. Martin was the' oldest son of John Quanz & Mary Kimmel. Martin had 4 brothers, Peter, George, John, Edward and 3 sisters, Mary, Catherine, Anna.
        Martin married Margaret Blackrick in St. Pius's Church in Cohocton, N.Y. Margaret was born Aug. 2, 1886 in Cohocton, New York and died Feb. 12,1970 at the age of 84 years old. Margaret was the daughter of Benedict Blackrick & Nancy Over. Her maiden name, Blackrick, was an English translation of her familyís German name Schwartzenbach. The surname Schwartzenbach was changed to Blackrick after the family settled in the US. Margaret had two sisters, Mary Blackrick (Bearss) o1der and Jenny Blackrick (Laehy) younger.
        Martin and Margaret had eight children, four boys and four girls: Genevieve, Martin Jr., Walter, Rosella, Clarence, Cecelia, Leo, and Agnes.

        Genevieve Catherine Quanz was the first child of Martin and Margaret Quanz, born Sept. 6, 1913. She married Samuel B. McCarrick on August 6, 1946 in St. Joseph's Church, Wayland N.Y. Samuel was born MAY 15, 1913 and he passed away on Feb. 28, 1985 at the age of 72 years old. Samuel was the son of Thomas P. McCarrick & Flora Briggs. Samuel had two sisters - Florence older & Eleanor younger. Samuel's father was Thomas P. McCarrick and died in June 1952. He was the youngest of eight children 4 boys and 4 girls: Julia, Cardilia, Kate, James, Patrick, Frank, Sarah, William, and Thomas. Flora Briggs, Sam's mother was born in 1878 and died Nov.1973 at the age of 95 years old. Flora had one brother Fred and two sisters Ella and Francis. Samuel & Genevieve had two children Thomas Richard and Janet Margaret.
       Richard was born July 10,1948. At the age of 37  Richard contracted an intestinal disease for which there was no cure and passed away on March 15, 1985.
        Janet Margaret was born October 28, 1955. Janet went to college to become a schoolteacher and now lives in Cleveland. Janet married Terrance Rogers on July 7, 1976 in St. Monica's Church in Rochester, N.Y. Terrance Rogers was born May 25, 1952 in Painesville, Ohio, and was the son of John Rogers & Verna Moore. John Rogers is 81 years old and Verna is 78 years old at this writing. John and Verna had two children Kay (Raasch) the older and Terrance the younger. Janet and Terry have three children: Janelle, Shannon, and Jason.

        I, Martin Joseph Quanz, stayed home on the farm from the time I was 15 until I was 22 to help my father. There were 7 other children to support and they were all in school. It was the depression so my help was needed to make ends meet. When the my brothers were old enough to help on the farm father allowed me to go into Wayland and work at the Gunlocke factory working in the lumber yard for 30 cents a hour in 1937. Gunlocke made dining room furniture back then. The factory still exists today primarily manufacturing office furniture. I work there for 22 years until the factory was sold to the Green Stamp people Sperry & Hutchingson. At that time a lot of us older workers wee laid off. I was only 55 at the time so I went down to Foster-Wheeler building boilers for 10 years until I retired at age 65. I have been taking care of the home farm ever since.

        My brother Walter bought a farm right next to the home farm in east Wayland. He had three children. The oldest was Ellen Theresa whose married name is Stephens still lives in the area and is a nurse. She has one daughter who is a high school teacher in drama. Tom lives on the farm. The youngest was Paul who became a Basilian Priest and is the principal of Andrean High School in Merrillville, Indiana.

        My sister Rosella Anne married Arthur Rauber and had three children: George, Kathy and Kenneth. Kathy and Kenneth are twins. George was part of a snowmobile club and was out with them one day. When they finished and went inside to have a drink George sat down and then fell over onto the floor. His friends went over to him to see what was wrong but he had had a heart attach and was dead. He was only 28 years old. Only two years later Kenneth and Kathy were on their way, in the family car, to the wedding of a friend of theirs. It was over near Auburn and as they made a left turn a truck hit the car. Kathyís ribs were crushed. She was taken to a hospital in Syracuse but she died before Rosella could get there. Kenneth runs the family farm and has three children, Kevin, Kim and Kathy. Rosella and Art are still living and helping operate the farm as they can. Rosella still helps with the bookwork at the farm.

        My sister Cecelia Marie married Alfred Ernst and had six children. Helen had dinner with last night. Cecelia lived in Rochester for a while and then she came back down and purchased a farm on Hemmer Road from Aloysius Hemmer. Jack and Cecelia had their six children just after they moved to the farm. Jack Ernst started drinking and unfortunately was not able to control it. One day he shot my sister and then himself leaving the six children with no parents. The State Troopers came to Gunlocke's that day to have me come over to the farm to help out with the situation. We had to work out how we were going to look after the children. Helen, Gerry and John were all over 18 years of age so they could manage on their own but Margaret, Alfred and Billy (William) were all under age. So we took Margaret, my sister Rosie took Billy and my sister Agnes took Alfred. We kept them until they were through High School and College and were on their own. I was appointed Executor of the estate, operating it to provide money to send them to school until they were all out of school and after that I sold the property to divide the money. That was the way life was for them. Now Gerry has a business in Rochester, John is down in Pennsylvania, Margaret in up near Boston, Ellen and Alfred are in Rochester and Billy is in Dansville working for the state helping people who have problems with their mentality.

        Agnes married a fellow up at Canandice, Truman Becker. He was the Deputy Sheriff down in Canandaigua. In 1975,I believe it was, he was involved in a traffic accident. A truck hit him head on and he died immediately from a broken neck and severe internal injuries. Agnes was left with one girl, Nancy. After Trumanís accident, my brother Clarence went up there to help Agnes and he has been there ever since.

        Leo, my other brother, was in the army after the war he went to school and became a mechanical engineer working first for General Motors in Rochester working there for 7 or 8 years and then he went to Kodak and worked there for 28 years until he retired. He still lives in Rochester. Leo and his wife, Helen Semier, had four children: two boys and two girls. The oldest daughter, Barbara, was going to college up in Buffalo and on the 30th of January she had come home for her fatherís birthday. When she went to go home it was storming so badly that her father felt he couldnít risk driving so he put her on the Greyhound bus in Rochester bound for Buffalo. When the bus stopped in front of her place to let her off at her place, she stepped down and walked around in front of the bus to cross the street. A young kid was rushing up the street and hit her and knocked her down breaking her leg. They took her to the hospital right away and called Leo and Helen to come up there. When they arrived Barbara said that she didnít feel right and her voice kept getting weaker and weaker. She died a very short time later of a blood clot to the brain. Barbara was only 19 years old. Leo and Helen had three other children, Joanne, Leo and Bernard.

3. Peter Quanz
        Peter Quanz was born January 28, 1886. He married Laura Rauber, born March 4, 1890, and they went to live on her parentís farm in the Springwater area and worked that farm. They had ten children.


Peter and Laura Quanz

Their children;
        Oleta is one year older than I am. Oleta married William Yohon died on March 30, 1989. They had three children; Gerald, Beatrice and Laura. Beatrice and Lauraís (which?????) husband, who was an auctioneer, died of a heart attach in 2001.
        Beatrice died Christmas Eve day in 1918 when she was only 3 years old. They lived up in east Springwater and it was very difficult for a doctor to even get there during the winter. We do not know the cause of her death.
        Howard lived in Cohocton. He married Betty Lyon and they had three children; Jack, Darlene and Sharyl. Howard drove a gasoline truck for many years. The fumes seem to have affected him to the point where he didnít know what he was doing so they had to lay him off. Howard loved to mow his lawn and he did so every morning. He died in a nursing home in his early 60s.
        Victor married Barbara Kroll and they had two children; Vanessa and Alana. Victor loved to snowmobile. One day he stopped to let his daughter get on to drive it. She started out and looked back and saw her father fall over. She went back to him and got help to get him into the house. They called the doctor but before he could arrive Victor was dead. It seems that the cold air he had been breathing while riding the snowmobile had cooled his lungs to the point that they stopped functioning and this contributed to his death.
        Gertrude married Charles Jacobs. They had three children; Germaine, Steven and Lorna.
        Germaine married Burton Becker and had six children; Donald, Eileen, Joan, Marjorie, Linda and Robert. Burton was a farmer on the other side of Wayland.
        Billy (William) lives over on Stut??? Street. He married Norma Rowley and had four children, Dryle, Duane, Mary Ann and Lucinda.
        Lucille Quanz worked in the telephone company as a telephone operator in Rochester until she retired. Lucille never married.
        Virginia, the youngest one, married Ardene Warner who used to be the supervisor of the town of Wayland. They had two children Ė one boy and one girl. The girl went to Cornell College and became a veterinarian and the boy works on construction.
        Laura passed away on February 4, 1966 and Peter passed away three years later on August 14, 1969.

4. Anna Quanz

Anna Quanz was born on March 29, 1889. She died almost exactly one year later on March 12, 1890

5. George A. Quanz

        George Quanz was born August 15, 1892. He married Julia Mark, born November 4, 1893, and went to live with Georgeís parents and work the home farm. George died of pneumonia the same year that Grandma died, 1925. His wife sold the farm.
        George had passed away on November 1, 1925 and Julia passed away September 16, 1985.

Their children:


Julia Mark Quanz
with one of their children.

6. Katherine Ann Quanz
        Katherine Quanz was born March 8, 1894. She married Bill Marks, born December 13, 1890, and had two children, Bernard and Mary Theresa. Bernard did not marry until his 40s. He lives on the family farm just outside of Wayland. His wife had been divorced and had children from her first family and then she and Mark had three more children - Anthony, Billy Jo and Angel Marie. All three still live in the Wayland area. Billy Jo trained to be a nurse working in a local hospital. Angel Marie works at Smittyís Pop Shop. Anthony drives truck. Mary Theresa studied nursing before she married John Murphy. She had four children. The first one born was Tom. He was born on the same day his father John, died. John had not been ill and in fact just hours before he died he has put up a mailbox on their house. He went into the house and died of a stroke. After Mary gave birth to Tom, Maryís father had to go into her room and tell her that her husband was gone. She did not want to stay in the city so used the proceeds from the sale of her house (Johnís insurance had paid off the mortgage) to move back to the home area. Will and Katie Mark helped her fix a house up so she and her four children could live there. Later she married a widower by the name of Leitch but he only lived a few years so she was a widow again. Mary married a third time to a retired postmaster (name unknown). Mary is again a widow living in the same house in Wayland. She had four children in all. Her son Tom died in 2000 on the same day his father was buried 40 years earlier.
        Katherine passed away on September 19, 1967 and her husband Bill passed away on March 16, 1968.

7. John H. Quanz
        John Quanz junior was born November 8, 1896. He had a farm in Carney Hollow. He married Mary Yohon, born February 27, 1895, and they raised five girls. One of the girls died very young and it was only after they did an autopsy on her that they realized that she had eaten some toadstools that were on the lawn and they poisoned her.

John lived in Carney Hollow until he died on October 18, 1970 and Aunt Mary was in a nursery home until she passed away on October 18, 1970.

John and Mary Quanz

They sold the farm to Lauretta Quanz and Frank Yohon and their son Bernard Yohon. Bernard died quite young at 40 or 42 years old.

8. Edward Quanz
        Edward Quanz was born on October 7, 1899. After his schooling he went to Dansville to work at the Mader Meat Market butchering. One day as the workers in the slaughterhouse were bringing a cow in to be butchered the cow went mad at the smell of blood. Edward was called to help control the cow. Just as he arrived he grabbed the rope on the cow as she ran past. The cow went one way around a tree as Edward went the other. As the cow was pulled around the tree by the rope the cow hit Edward in belly and through him thirty feet. When he landed on the ground he hit his head very badly. He was able to get up and help the staff start butchering the cow. The boss, Charlie Mader, saw Edward working and noticed that he was not skinning the carcass properly. This was not like Edwards so he sent him to the doctor to be checked. They found he had a fractured skill so he went to the hospital. After he went home he continued to have severe pain in his stomach. One doctor thought this would pass but another insisted on surgery to determine what was wrong. When they started the surgery they determined that the impact of the cow hitting Edward had shifted his internal organs and cause the bowel to be wrapped around the appendix. This caused the bowel to be inflamed and would have resulted in death if not surgically corrected. Edward never went back to the butcher shop and instead took up carpentry and woodworking building houses.
        Ed married Mary Mader. Mary was born on September 21, 1901. They had no children. Ed passed away on December 1, 1984 and Mary passed away 5 years later on October 19, 1989.

Martin Joseph Quanz Military Service
        War was declared on December 7, 1941. At that time I was working at Gunlocks Furniture factory in Wayland and was in charge of the Dry Kiln and the Lumberyard. I signed up July 1, 1942. Mr. Childs, he was in charge of the factory, went to the military registration office and came back with news about how many workers would be pulled from the factory. He said that I would be one of the first called up since I was 27 years old and they wanted everyone before the age of 28. I signed up on July 1 and they gave us 30 days before we started training.
        On August 1 we reported to the personnel man in Rochester and boarded a bus that took us to Buffalo to get a physical. After the physical we were put on a train loaded with other men from the Marine Corp and we were taken down to Port Royal, South Carolina. Trucks picked up at the train station and took us to Paris Island, which was the training area for the Marine Corp on the east coast.
        The first battle I was is was in the Marshall Islands at Enamor. We came back to our base to re-equip and train for our next battles. Since we as Marines usually had to make water-based landings in the islands our commander insisted that everyone in his command know how to swim. In Hawaii he put us through a very rigorous training program that forced us to become good swimmers whether we wanted to or not. Once our preparations were finished we left for the Marianna Islands Saipan and Tinian.
        After that we finished the Marianna campaign we were to move our base to Iwo Jima so as Quartermaster, along with two lieutenants and a few other men, I started to tear the camp down and prepare to move our base as soon as Iwo Jima was secured. The base and airstrip on Iwo Jima was to have been a jumping off point for the bombers to continuously bomb Japan. Just as were making these preparations they dropped the two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki forcing the Japanese to surrender. As a result we never had to actually move our base to Iwo Jima.
        The war ended in August of 1945 and I returned to the States in November. I was still Quartermaster so had to take care of all the equipment as it was returned. I was finally released on November 19, 1945 and retuned to Wayland. I was able to come back to work at Gunlocks until I retired.

Other Quanz Families in the Area
        Grandpa John Quanz had three cousins who lived in New York State - Ed, George, and Mary. They lived in Rochester and would often come down on Sunday for dinner. George never married but Ed did. He has a family but we donít know any of them. George and Mary lived together until they died. Of course there are no descendants since neither of them married.
        One member of this family worked for Kodak for many years.

Descendants of Adam Quanz
Generation No. 1


Child of ADAM QUANZ and ANN WEGAND is:

2. i. JOHN2 QUANZ, b. December 28, 1853, Germany; d. April 3, 1940, Wayland, Stuben County, New York USA.
Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 QUANZ (ADAM1) was born December 28, 1853 in Germany, and died April 3, 1940 in Wayland, Stuben County, New York USA. He married MARY KIMMEL.

Notes for JOHN QUANZ:

Emigrated to Weyland, New York in 1872 when he was 19 years old. He had two brothers in Kaiser Wilhelm's army at that time. John worked first worked for Martin Kimmel I as a carpenter and cabinet maker. He died at the age of 87 years.

Children of JOHN QUANZ and MARY KIMMEL are:

3. i. MARY3 QUANZ, b. March 27, 1882; d. November 1, 1962.

4. ii. MARTIN GEORGE QUANZ, b. December 24, 1884, Patchinville, Stuben County, New York USA; d. October 27, 1947, Patchinville, Stuben County, New York USA.

5. iii. PETER JOHN QUANZ, b. January 28, 1886; d. August 14, 1969.

iv. ANNA QUANZ, b. March 29, 1889; d. March 12, 1890.

6. v. GEORGE A. QUANZ, b. August 15, 1892; d. November 1, 1925.

7. vi. KATHERINE ANN QUANZ, b. March 8, 1894; d. September 19, 1967.

8. vii. JOHN H. QUANZ, b. November 8, 1896; d. October 18, 1970.

viii. EDWARD QUANZ, b. October 7, 1899; d. December 1, 1984; m. MARY MADER.

Generation No. 3

3. MARY3 QUANZ (JOHN2, ADAM1) was born March 27, 1882, and died November 1, 1962. She married GEORGE KURTZ.

Children of MARY QUANZ and GEORGE KURTZ are:

9. i. GENEVIEVE MARY4 KURTZ, b. March 16, 1904.

10. ii. MARION REGINA KURTZ, b. November 29, 1910.

4. MARTIN GEORGE3 QUANZ (JOHN2, ADAM1) was born December 24, 1884 in Patchinville, Stuben County, New York USA, and died October 27, 1947 in Patchinville, Stuben County, New York USA. He married MARGARET BLACKRICK November 8, 1911 in St. Pious Chuch, Cohocton, New York, daughter of BENEDICT SCHWARTZENBACH and NANCEY OVER.


The surname Schwartzenbach was later changed to Blackrick after the family settled in the US.


11. i. GENEVIEVE C.4 QUANZ, b. September 6, 1913.

ii. MARTIN JOSEPH QUANZ, b. March 12, 1915, Patchinville, Stuben County, New York USA; m. CONSTANCE MARIE DANIELS, December 27, 1961, St. Annes Church, Hornell, New York.

12. iii. WALTER LEONARD QUANZ, b. December 21, 1916; d. December 27, 1995.

13. iv. ROSELLA ANNE QUANZ, b. December 5, 1918.

v. CLARENCE ALOYSIUS QUANZ, b. January 11, 1920.

14. vi. CECELIA MARIE QUANZ, b. September 21, 1921; d. January 18, 1968.

15. vii. LEO JOHN QUANZ, b. January 30, 1923.

16. viii. AGNES VERONICA QUANZ, b. April 24, 1924.

5. PETER JOHN3 QUANZ (JOHN2, ADAM1) was born January 28, 1886, and died August 14, 1969. He married LAURA RAUBER.

Children of PETER QUANZ and LAURA RAUBER are:

17. i. LORETTA4 QUANZ, b. August 12, 1912; d. March 28, 1996.

18. ii. OLETA QUANZ, b. February 4, 1914.

iii. BEATRICE QUANZ, b. September 4, 1915; d. December 24, 1918.

19. iv. HOWARD QUANZ, b. April 4, 1918; d. February 22, 1990.

20. v. VICTOR QUANZ, b. November 9, 1919; d. February 9, 1969.

21. vi. GERTRUDE QUANZ, b. September 23, 1922.

22. vii. GERMAINE F. QUANZ, b. July 20, 1924.

23. viii. WILLIAM W. QUANZ, b. May 21, 1927.

ix. LUCILLE QUANZ, b. November 9, 1929; m. ARDEEN WARNER.

24. x. VIRGINIA QUANZ, b. August 18, 1931.

6. GEORGE A.3 QUANZ (JOHN2, ADAM1) was born August 15, 1892, and died November 1, 1925. He married JULIA MARK.

Children of GEORGE QUANZ and JULIA MARK are:

25. i. EVELYN4 QUANZ, b. December 22, 1916.

26. ii. CLIFFORD QUANZ, b. November 24, 1922.

7. KATHERINE ANN3 QUANZ (JOHN2, ADAM1) was born March 8, 1894, and died September 19, 1967. She married WILLIAM H. MARK.


i. BERNARD4 MARK, b. July 13, 1917.

ii. MARY THERESA MARK, b. March 27, 1930; m. (1) JOHN MURPHY; m. (2) LEITCH; m. (3) UNKNOWN.

8. JOHN H.3 QUANZ (JOHN2, ADAM1) was born November 8, 1896, and died October 18, 1970. He married MARY A. YOHON.

Children of JOHN QUANZ and MARY YOHON are:

i. IRENE4 QUANZ, b. April 6, 1921; m. DONALD SILVER.

ii. MARION QUANZ, b. March 1, 1926; m. EARL MYERS.

iii. ALMA QUANZ, b. May 5, 1927; m. FRANK LEAST.

iv. DOLORES QUANZ, b. November 23, 1933; d. November 5, 1935.

v. RITA QUANZ, b. March 7, 1939; m. FRED KENDZION.

Generation No. 4

9. GENEVIEVE MARY4 KURTZ (MARY3 QUANZ, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born March 16, 1904. She married ARTHUR A MCLAUGHLIN.


i. RICHARD GEORGE5 MCLAUGHLIN, b. September 17, 1929.

ii. ANN MARIE MCLAUGHLIN, b. August 8, 1932.

iii. JANE MARY MCLAUGHLIN, b. November 14, 1937.

10. MARION REGINA4 KURTZ (MARY3 QUANZ, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born November 29, 1910. She married VICTOR JACOB YOHONN.


i. GEORGE EDWARD5 YOHONN, b. December 21, 1936.

ii. MARY LOU YOHONN, b. August 5, 1944.

11. GENEVIEVE C.4 QUANZ (MARTIN GEORGE3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born September 6, 1913. She married SAMUEL MCCARRICK.


i. RICHARD5 MCCARRICK, b. July 10, 1948; d. March 15, 1985.

ii. JANET MCCARRICK, b. October 28, 1955.

12. WALTER LEONARD4 QUANZ (MARTIN GEORGE3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born December 21, 1916, and died December 27, 1995. He married HELEN M. ERNST.

Children of WALTER QUANZ and HELEN ERNST are:

i. ELLEN THERESA5 QUANZ, b. December 3, 1947; m. STEPHENS.

ii. WALTER THOMAS QUANZ, b. March 8, 1952.

iii. PAUL EDWARD QUANZ, b. March 11, 1955.


Paul is a Basilian Priest and is principal of Andrean High School, 5959 Broadway, Merrillville, IN 46410.

13. ROSELLA ANNE4 QUANZ (MARTIN GEORGE3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born December 5, 1918. She married ARTHUR RAUBER.


i. GEORGE5 RAUBER, b. May 6, 1946; d. February 9, 1975.

ii. KATHY RAUBER, b. October 1, 1953; d. September 21, 1973.

iii. KENNETH RAUBER, b. October 1, 1953.

14. CECELIA MARIE4 QUANZ (MARTIN GEORGE3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born September 21, 1921, and died January 18, 1968. She married ALFRED ERNST.


i. HELEN5 ERNST, b. November 26, 1946.

ii. GERARD ERNST, b. March 15, 1948.

iii. JOHN ERNST, b. May 18, 1949.

iv. MARGARET ERNST, b. June 18, 1951.

v. ALFRED ERNST, b. January 9, 1955.

vi. WILLIAM ERNST, b. November 12, 1956.

15. LEO JOHN4 QUANZ (MARTIN GEORGE3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born January 30, 1923. He married HELEN SEMIER.

Children of LEO QUANZ and HELEN SEMIER are:

i. BARBARA5 QUANZ, b. December 10, 1952; d. January 31, 1971.


Barbara died of a blood-clot to the brain resulting from being hit by a speeding car.

ii. JOANNE QUANZ, b. March 10, 1954.

iii. LEO QUANZ, b. April 22, 1956.

iv. BERNARD QUANZ, b. June 10, 1958.

16. AGNES VERONICA4 QUANZ (MARTIN GEORGE3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born April 24, 1924. She married TRUMAN BECKER.


i. NANCY5 BECKER, b. August 15, 1953. 17. LORETTA4 QUANZ (PETER JOHN3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born August 12, 1912, and died March 28, 1996. She married FRANK YOHON.

Children of LORETTA QUANZ and FRANK YOHON are:

i. EDWARD WILLIAM5 YOHON, b. May 10, 1933.

ii. BERNARD YOHON, b. September 15, 1936; d. December 3, 1994.

iii. FRANCIS VICTOR YOHON, b. July 14, 1941.

iv. NORMAN PETER YOHON, b. September 22, 1946.

18. OLETA4 QUANZ (PETER JOHN3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born February 4, 1914. She married WILLIAM YOHON.

Children of OLETA QUANZ and WILLIAM YOHON are:

i. GERALD5 YOHON, b. April 26, 1937; d. April 26, 1937.

ii. BEATRICE YOHON, b. March 20, 1939.

iii. LAURA YOHON, b. January 15, 1941.

19. HOWARD4 QUANZ (PETER JOHN3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born April 4, 1918, and died February 22, 1990. He married BETTY LYON.

Children of HOWARD QUANZ and BETTY LYON are:

i. JACK5 QUANZ, b. June 23, 1950.

ii. DARLENE QUANZ, b. October 13, 1953.

iii. SHARYL QUANZ, b. May 16, 1969.

20. VICTOR4 QUANZ (PETER JOHN3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born November 9, 1919, and died February 9, 1969. He married BARBARA KROLL.


i. VANESSA5 QUANZ, b. March 15, 1954.

ii. ALANA QUANZ, b. August 11, 1957.

21. GERTRUDE4 QUANZ (PETER JOHN3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born September 23, 1922. She married CHARLES JACOBS.


i. GENENE5 JACOBS, b. July 14, 1947.

ii. STEVEN JACOBS, b. July 30, 1953.

iii. LORNA JACOBS, b. February 7, 1956.

22. GERMAINE F.4 QUANZ (PETER JOHN3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born July 20, 1924. She married BURTON BECKER.


i. DONALD S.5 BECKER, b. March 18, 1946.

ii. EILEEN BECKER, b. September 10, 1947.

iii. JOAN L. BECKER, b. November 10, 1949.

iv. MARJORIE R. BECKER, b. July 8, 1952.

v. LINDA J. BECKER, b. March 16, 1957.

vi. ROBERT B. BECKER, b. September 13, 1962.

23. WILLIAM W.4 QUANZ (PETER JOHN3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born May 21, 1927. He married NORMA ROWLEY.


i. DARYL WILLIAM5 QUANZ, b. May 2, 1954.

ii. DUANE MICHAEL QUANZ, b. October 9, 1955.

iii. MARY ANN QUANZ, b. May 26, 1958.

iv. LUCINDA MARIE QUANZ, b. May 13, 1965.

24. VIRGINIA4 QUANZ (PETER JOHN3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born August 18, 1931. She married ARDEAN WARNER.


i. ANN5 WARNER, b. February 18, 1956.

ii. JOHN WARNER, b. November 26, 1958.

25. EVELYN4 QUANZ (GEORGE A.3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born December 22, 1916. She married LOUIS SHAYLOR.


i. GEORGE5 SHAYLOR, b. February 27, 1948.

ii. ANNE MARIE SHAYLOR, b. December 12, 1951.

26. CLIFFORD4 QUANZ (GEORGE A.3, JOHN2, ADAM1) was born November 24, 1922. He married VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY.


i. DEBORAH ANN5 QUANZ, b. April 25, 1950.

ii. MARY KAY QUANZ, b. December 11, 1951.



NAME                                           BIRTH                    DEATH               AGE

1. Genevieve Kurtz McLaughlin       03-16-1904
2. Marion Kurtz Yohon                   11-29-1910
3. Loretta Quanz Yohon                  08-12-1912              03-28-96              83 years
4. Genevieve Quanz McCarrick       09-06-1913
5. Oleta Quanz Yohon                     02-04-1914
6. Martin J. Quanz                           03-12-1915
7. Beatrice Quanz                            09-04-1915              12-24-1918            3 years
8. Walter L. Quanz                          12-21-1916              12-25-1995          79 years
9. Bernard F. Mark                         07-13-1917
10. Howard Quanz                          04-04-1918               02-22-1990          71 years
11. Rosella Quanz Rauber               12-05-1918
12. Evelyn Quanz Shayler                12-22-1918
13. Victor Quanz                             11-09-1919                02-09-1969          49 years
14. Clarence Quanz                         01-11-1920
15. Irene Quanz Silver                     04-06-1921
16. Cecelia Quanz Ernst                  09-21-1921                 01-18-1968          47 years
17. Gertrude Quanz Jacobs             09-23-1922
18. Clifford Quanz                          11-24-1922
19. Leo Quanz                                01-30-1923
20. Agnes Quanz Becker                 04-24-1924
21. Germaine Quanz Becker            07-20-1924
22. Marion Quanz Myers                 03-01-1926
23. Alma Quanz Least                      05-05-1927
24. William Quanz                            05-21-1927
25. Lucille Quanz                              01-09-1929
26. Mary T. Mark Murphy Leach Kinney 03-27-1930
27. Virginia Quanz Warner                08-18-1931
28. Dolores Quanz                            11-23-1933                11-05-1935          1 year 4 months
29. Rita Quanz Briggs Kendzios         03-07-1939

- End -