Chapter 7.1.4
Alvera Marguerite (Quanz) Krotz

        Born October 13, 1906 on the 14th Concession of Carrick Township. On September 21, 1932 she married Elwyn Krotz who was born April 14th, 1907. Alvera died January 30, 1967. Elwyn died June 3rd, 1992.
        Both are buried in the 6th Line Wallace Township (Zion) Cemetery.


Elwyn and Vera Krotz

        In 1914, John Quanz and his family from Carrick Township purchased the farm at Concession 5, Lots 17 & 18 (north one-half section) of Wallace Township from Simon Heinmiller. The Quanz family had three sons and one daughter. By the time the depression hit in the late 1920s the Quanz family had the farm paid for and were living quite comfortably. However, after the depression the home farm was carrying a substantial mortgage in an effort to help the sons hang on to farms while maintaining the home farm.
        In the spring of 1938 John Quanz's daughter, Vera, and her husband, Elwyn Krotz, left their store in Harriston and came to the home farm with their young son, Douglas. Elwyn and Vera took over the farm and the mortgage; raised two more sons, Gerald and Bernard; and provided a home for the grandparents for their remaining years.
        In 1959, Douglas Krotz, the oldest of the three boys, married Marlene Reid and began farming in partnership with his parents. Douglas and Marlene bought the farm in 1960 and raised five children, Allan, Donna, Michael Nickolas and Lisa. John Quanz, Elwyn Krotz and Douglas Krotz all raised three sons on the family farm.
        In 1984, Douglas sold the farm to David Martin and Verda (Martin) Martin.

Their children:
1141 John Douglas
1142 Gerald Gordon
1143 Bernard Wayne

- End -