Chapter 7.1.2
Harvey Eldon Quanz

        Born in Carrick Township February 23, 1897. Married Frieda Bender March 20, 1933. Frieda was born in Wallace Township May 26, 1900. Harvey died February 13, 1981. Frieda died 26th September 1985. Both are buried in Listowel Fairview Cemetery.

Frieda and Harvey Quanz and Family
Eldon, Lorne, Shirley

        Harvey and Frieda Quanz owned the 100-acre farm at Concession 7, Lot 30, from 1927 to 1963. Their operation was mixed farming with Holstein cattle, hogs, and laying hens. Their children, Eldon, Shirley and Lorne also helped with the farming.

        In 1934, the barn was reconstructed with a hip roof to make more room for the hay and the grain sheaves for barn threshing.

        On V-E Day, May 8, 1945, Harvey was at the bush helping load logs on Keeso's log trucks. Frieda was sowing grain with the horses and seed drill, and Eldon was harrowing. Suddenly, Eldon's horses turned around. Frieda left her team to try to assist Eldon and her horses ran away with the seed drill. They were found in the empty haymow with the wrecked seed drill. A new seed drill was purchased but the dealer had the old drill repaired. It was purchased by Irvin Bender and destroyed by fire when the Bender barn was struck by lightning.

        The Quanzes farmed the land until March 1963 when Harry Buimer purchased the farm.

Their children:
1121   Eldon John
1122   Shirley Louise
1123   Lorne Wesley
1124   Daughter (died in infancy)
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