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John Quanz

Born September 03, 1865 on the 13th Concession of Carrick Township. Son of Adam and Mary Anne (Riehl). Married Caroline Zinn in Carrick Township on March 19, 1894. Caroline was born October 12th, 1869. Daughter of Fred Zinn and Caroline (Kleeman) Klamen of Carrick Township.



John Quanz Family
Back Row L to R: Ervin, Harvey, Fred
Front Row L to R: John, Vera, Caroline

John suffered severe injury when he was 42 years old (1907). He was helping cut stove wood with an engine driven "circle" saw. The saw broke in many pieces, striking John in the head and shoulders. He survived and worked hard for many years.

In 1914, John Quanz and his family from Carrick Township purchased the farm at Concession 5, Lots 17 & 18 (north one-half section) of Wallace Township from Simon Heinmiller. The Quanz family had three sons and one daughter. By the time the depression hit in the late 1920s the Quanz family had the farm paid for and were living quite comfortably. However, after the depression the home farm was carrying a substantial mortgage in an effort to help the sons hang on to farms while maintaining the home farm.

In the spring of 1938 John Quanz's daughter, Vera, and her husband, Elwyn Krotz, left their store in Harriston and came to the home farm with their young son, Douglas. Elwyn and Vera took over the farm and the mortgage; raised two more sons, Gerald and Bernard; and provided a home for the grandparents for their remaining years.

John died November 03, 1949. Caroline died October 23, 1957. Both are buried in the 6th Line Wallace Township Cemetery (formerly the Evangelical now the United Cemetery).

Their children:

111 Fredrick Marvin
112 Harvey Eldon
113 Ervin John
114 Alvera Marguerite

Caroline (Zinn) Quanz Family

Zinn Family

L to R:         Ernest Zinn            Fredrick Zinn               Henry Zinn          Mrs. Christina
            Father of             Great-Grandfather                                     Boettger
Mrs. Peter Dippel         of Fred Quanz                                                  

Zinn Family
The following is some of the information that we have gathered about Caroline Zinn family of Carrick Township. The ZINN Family's ancestors emigrated from Grossengottern near Bad Langensaiza Germany on April 4, 1847. Georg Andreas Zinn, born April 24,1799, emigrated in 1847 with his wife and four children to America.

The area they came from in Germany was largely a farming community. In Germany the land of most farms surrounded a small village. The families lived in the village and went out each day to work in the fields. In this way they were able to share resources such as blacksmith, church, tailor etc without having to travel great distances. The church bells chimed in the evening to call the workers from the fields. There was no new farmland for young families to purchase so many decided to emigrate to the "New World" where the land was plentiful.

The Zinn Family In Canada
Provided by: William B. Dippel

Much of the early history of the Zinn family in Canada has been reseached and recorded by Marion Zinn of Lucknow Ont. whose husband Warren Zinn is a descendant of Henry Christoph Zinn (born 22 April 1828). John Quanz, a descendant of Frederick Zinn, has recorded the Frederick Zinn (born 19 Oct. 1830) family. As I am a descendant of George Ernest Zinn (born 2 Nov. 1832) I will complete the family history for this branch of the family for which I have information. George Ernest Zinn is the younger brother of Henry and Frederick Zinn.

George Ernest Zinn came to Canada with his parents George Andreas Zinn and Johanna Elizabeth Schmidt (a widow by the name of Klippstein). He farmed on Concession 10 of Carrick Twp, Bruce County close to his brothers Henry and Frederick. His registry of death indicates he died August 1, 1913 of "Cardiac Dropsy". He is buried in Mildmay Evangelical Cemetery (now United Church Cemetery) with his first wife Margaret Schweitzer and son Ezra.

George Ernest Zinn’s first wife Margaret died at the age of 32 at the birth of her son Ezra. George Zinn then married a widow Juliana Schell nee Leusing (the original German spelling of Schell was Schoell). Juliana Schell had 4 children from her first marriage to Mr.Schell.

Descendents of: George Ernest Zinn    Born: 2 Nov. 1832    Died: 1 August 1913
Married in 1856 to
        Margaret Schweitzer     Born: 9 April 1836    Died: 31 Aug 1868

Married on 9 Nov. 1868 to
        Julianna Schoell (a widow)     Born 1835    Died: 25 July 1917

(1) Mary Zinn     Born 1857 – Died 1928 Married Charles Treitz
(2) Caroline Zinn     Born 1858 – Died 1926 Married William Graff
(3) Katherine Zinn     Born 1858 – Died 1960 Married George Litt
(4) Julianna Zinn     Born 1861 – Died 1938 Married Dan Durst
(5) Rebecca Zinn     Born 1863 – Died 1954 Married Peter Dippel
(6) Matilda Zinn     Born 1865 – Died 1954 Married Fred Dix
(of North Dakota)
(7) Susanna Zinn     Born 1866 – Died 1954 Married Thomas Hagerty
(8) Ezra Zinn     Born 1868 – Died at Birth

Article by Peter Klippstein, Erfurt Germany (March 15, 1998)
Via Marian Zinn of Lucknow

Information about the ZINN Family in Ontario, Canada whose ancestors emigrated from Grossengottern near Bad Langensaiza Germany to America on April 4, 1847.

In the beginning the exchange of letters and inquiries had to pass through several hands: Frau Wermes, Leipzig; a friend of the Zinn Family in Koeln Frau H. Kanarek; Mr. B. Hochhaeuser, Bad Langensalza and Rev. Axel Beyer from the Evangelical Church office in Grossengottern. The first direct mail contact with the writer was established in November 1989.

The entries in the church books to Gottern revealed, that all members of the Zinn Families named in the book had the same ancestor: Shoemaker Christian Ludwig Zinn, who came from Hassleben near Gebesee to Gottern and married on October 21, 1770 Regina Dorothea Schrieber (Schreiber), the daughter of an organist and principal of a girls school

But, who are those ancestors who emigrated to America?

Georg Andreas Zinn, born April 24,1799, emigrated in 1847 with his wife and four children to America. He was the 2nd of 12 children born to Bernhard Martin Zinn and Christina Elizabeth, nee Hirt. (Bernhard Martin Zinn was a musketeer in the regiment of Prince Clemens in 1799 when his son Georg Andreas was born). The Zinn residence at that time was Number 14 Korngasse (no longer in existence), but Georg Andreas was likely born at that address.

According to records Georg Andreas Zinn lived until 1847 at Langensalzaer Street, beside the Steinbrecherschen Restaurant. In 1847 the property was taken over by Johann Justin Schmidt and in 1892 by the Scharr Family. A dance hall was added, but later used as Movie Theater.

The wife of Georg Andreas Zinn was the widow Johanna Elisabeth Klippstein, nee Schmidt. Out of her first marriage (1819) with Georg Gottlob Klippstein, she had two daughters; Anna Elisabeth and Christine Elisabeth (born 1822) who emigrated along to America in 1847.

Georg Andreas Zinn married the widow on July 8,1827. They had three sons:

1. Heinrich Christoph Zinn (born April 22, 1828)
2. Friedrich Zinn (born October 19, 1830)
3. George Ernst Zinn (born November 2, 1832)

Those three sons with their half-sister Christine Elisabeth Klippstein emigrated together with their parents from Grossengottern to North America and settled in Ontario, Canada.

Five generations later, in 1992, Warren and Marian Zinn returned to the country of their ancestors, to take part in the 1180 anniversary celebrations of Gottern. They visited also Grossengottern and area. Both were impressed by Thueringen. Both speak no German. Warren's grandparents spoke mainly German, but he only remembers when they teased him and told him, "du bischt ein boesser Bube", (you are a bad boy).

Warren, a passionate farmer, was very interested in Thueringen's agriculture and the different crops and was astonished over the expected high yields. On the other side, both liked the cemetery at St. Martini Church in Gottern and found many similarities between Thueringen and Ontario and can very well understand why their ancestors settled in Ontario.

Of interest is also, that a piece of land in Ontario is still called "Zinn's Corners" even so no Zinns have lived there for more then 100 years.

George Andreas (Andrew) Zinn
Obituary Author Unknown
Provided by Marian Zinn

GEORGE ANDREW ZIWN and his wife JOHANNA ZINN, their three sons Henry, Frederick and George Ernest and their daughter Christina emigrated to Canada on April 4, 1847. They first settled on Lot 17, Concession 5, Township of Ellice, County of Perth (northwest of Stratford Ontario). One hundred acres was registered to George Zinn on June 28,1847. In November 1854, this lot was in the name of C, Doughtery.

George Andrew Zinn and his wife Johanna Elizabeth moved to Carrick Township, Bruce County in 1854, along with their son Henry and his wife Amelia and infant son George Henry Zinn Jr. and sons Frederick and George Ernest and daughter Christina (Klippstein) Zinn.

The following excerpt is taken from "The History of the County o£ Bruce" by Norman Robertson (1960) - Pages 335, 337 and 343, "Carrick Township1 consisting of Crown Lands, was sold at a lower price ($1.50 per acre) than School Lands. The quality of the soil in this township contained the choicest farmlands and were sold very quickly. The earliest German settlers in the vicinity of Mildmay were Ernest, Frederick and Henry Zinn. It is to the credit of Carrick that its inhabitants of varied races, different languages and diverse faiths have lived from the first with an entire absence of feeling as to race or creed. One of the first congregations of any denomination to be organized in Carrick was that of the German Evangelical Association on the eleventh concession of Carrick, which event occurred in 1855. The Rev. D. Dippel was one of the pioneer ministers of this denomination in Carrick". This would be the church, which the Zinn families attended.

From the 1861 Census, George Andrew Zinn age 62 and his wife Johanna age 67, both born in Prussia, were living in a log house; also Henry age 33 and his wife Amelia age 26 and their four children in a log dwelling. George Boettger and his wife Christina age 38 and 3 children lived in the same area.

Henry C. Zinn and his wife Amelia purchased Lot 15, Concession 10 (126 acres); George Ernest Zinn obtained Lots 13 and 14, Concession 10 (198 acres) and Frederick purchased the corner farm across the road from Henry being Lot 15, Concession 11 (100 acres). In 1878, Henry C. bought the other corner farm to the east of him, Lot 16, Concession 10 (100 acres). Therefore these lands a mile and a quarter north and a mile and a quarter east of the village of Mildmay became known as Zinn's Corners. In 1883, Lot 16, Concession 10, was transferred to Henry George Zinn from his father Henry C. Zinn.

Henry C. and Amelia sold Lot 15, Concession 10, to their son John in 1893 and they retired to Hanover after 39 years of living here. Eleven more children were born - some in the log house and some in a new stone house built in the 18xx.

By the year 1903, according to the County Registry Office, Walkerton, no Zinn families lived at this corner. The generation had retired to Mildmay and Hanover; the younger generation had bought farms elsewhere in Carrick and some had gone to the Western Provinces and the Western States.

Heinrich (Henry) Christoph Zinn
Obituary Author Unknown
Provided by Marian Zinn

One of Hanover's oldest and most esteemed citizens passed away last Friday night (March 5, 1920) at 10:30 o'clock in the person of Henry Zinn. Death occurred at the home of his daughter, Mrs. David Hoeflin with whom he had resided for some years. He was in his 92nd year. The deceased was a particularly fine old gentleman who enjoyed the respect and good will of all who knew him.

He was born near Langensalza Germany. On April 4, 1847, he emigrated with his parents to Canada, where he assisted his parents in establishing a temporary home in the original forests of Ellice Township, Perth County. In 1855, he travelled with his parents through unbroken rough forests northward and located in Carrick Township on Concession 10, where they underwent great hard-ships and privation of life's comforts in spite of which by rugged endurance, inventive skill, practical economy and honest thrift the stalwart sons and faithful daughters assisted their parents in founding a comfortable permanent home,

The deceased was married to Miss Emilia Famme in l852. This union was blessed with 7 sons and 5 daughters, of whom one son and 2 daughters predeceased him. Twenty-eight years ago, he sold his farm and moved to Hanover. Eight years ago his wife died.

Mr. Zinn was a valuable asset to the Evangelical Church. He served many years as a Justice of the Peace to which office he did credit. He was sane in judgment as to applied civil and moral law. His sense of justice invariably pointed to sett1ement of difficulties outside of court. In the church he served many years as Class Leader, Sunday School Superintendent and Teacher. The fidelity and tender care of his children, who had the privilege to wait on him, brought comfort to him until he passed into the Great Beyond.

He leaves to mourn, 6 sons and 3 daughters:

George H. of Hanover;
David of Winnipeg;
Minnie (John Hoeflin) of New Hamburg;
Solomon of Mildmay;
Annie (Mrs. H. F. Rapp) Stratford;
Peter of Hanover;
John of New Hamburg;
Benjamin of Hanover,
Adeline of Hanover
He leaves to mourn, one brother, Frederick of Hanover; 31 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

The funeral to Hanover Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon was largely attended. Rev. Mr. Sauer and Rev. Mr. Jackson officiated at the services at the house and a memorial service was preached at the Evangelical Church by the Rev. Sauer after interment.

Card of Thanks:

We wish to thank our many friends for their kindness during the illness and after the death of our father, Henry Zinn, especially the male quartet and organist for special music rendered at the house and at the church. The Family.

Here is another obituary for Henry Zinn.

HENRY ZINN - The oldest son of George Andrew and Johanna Zinn was born in Grossengottern near Bad Langensalza, Prussia on April 22, 1828. Henry along with his parents and 2 brothers and sister emigrated to Canada on April 4, 1847 and settled on Lot 17, Concession 3, Township of Ellice, Perth County - registered to George Zinn on June 28, 1847. This 100 acres sold Nov. 1854,

Henry Zinn and his wife Amelia Famme (born Feb, 17, 1835, daughter of August Famme of Hanover, Germany, came to Canada in 1845 at the age of 9 years and settled in Ellice Township) were married February 24, 1852 by the Rev. Solomon Weber (Bruidger minister). Henry joined the Church at a lamp meeting in 1852.

Henry Zinn and his wife Amelia and infant son George Henry Zinn (born July 14, 1853) as well as his parents and brothers, moved north and settled on Lot 15, Concession 10, Township of Carrick, County of Bruce, in the year 1854. Here, in a log cabin and later in a stone house, twelve children were raised. They were members of the German Evangelical Association Church on Concession 11 of Carrick. Henry was appointed Justice of the Peace.

They sold their farm in 1893 to their son John and moved to Hanover after 39 years of living on the 10th Concession of Carrick, known as Zinn's Corners. Son Henry and wife, Elizabeth moved in with them until 1911 when Amelia died on November 19, 1911. Henry lived with his youngest daughter Adeline when he passed away in March 5, 1920 at the age of 92 years. Henry at the age of 90 could read the newspaper without the aid of glasses,

Henry and Amelia had seven sons and five daughters.

1. George Henry (1853-1937) m. Elizabeth Blackmeyer
2. Sophia (1856-1887) not married
3. Simon (1857-1912)
4. David (1858-1939) m. Catherine Winkler
5. Solomon (1861-1938) m. Caroline Pfohl
6. Amelia (1863-1943) m. John Hoeflin; David Schluchter
7. Peter (1865-1941) m. Catherine Eva Gayer
8. Maria (Mary) (1867-1905) m. Herman Wilhelm
9. Anna (1869-1949) m Henry Rapp
10. John (1871-1950) m. Carolyn Wilhelm; Sarah Merner
11. Benjamin (1875-1946) m. Annie Lynn
12. Adeline (1877-1969) m. David Hoeflin

Solomon Zinn
Obituary Author Unknown
Provided by Marian Zinn

b. May 12th. 1861 in Carrick Township
d. May 10th, 1938 at Victoria Hospital, London

The funeral was held in Hanover on May 12th, 1938 of Mr. Solomon Zinn, life long resident of Carrick Township, who passed away on Tuesday am in Victoria Hospital, London, following two recent operations for gall bladder trouble. Service at Richardson's Funeral Home at 2:30 was followed by interment in Hanover Cemetery, beside the remains of Mrs. Carolyn Zinn who passed away last October. Mr. Zinn, who would have been 77 years of age today, was born in Carrick Township and lived there all his life, retiring 2 years ago to take up residence with his daughter, Mrs. Otto Johann of Owen Sound. Since the death of his wife, he had visited with members of his family and spent 2 weeks in Hanover toward the end of March. He had been in good health right along, but was taken ill recently and entered into London Hospital about a month ago where 2 operations were performed.

He is survived by 5 sons and one daughter namely:

Ervin of Lucknow;
Elmer of Wroxeter;
Lloyd of Goderich
Mrs. Johann of Owen Sound
and also by 4 brothers and 3 sisters: Peter and Benjamin of Hanover;
John of Kitchener;
David of Winnipeg;
Mrs. David Hoeflin
Mrs., Henry Rapp of Hanover
Mrs. David Schluchter of Elkton, Michigan.
Among those from out of town who attended the funeral were a sister Mrs. Rapp of St. Catherines, a brother John of Kitchener, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Zinn and Miss Florence Hoeflin, R.N. of Buffalo.

The remains rested at the home of his son, Elmer Zinn, at Wroxeter and were brought Thursday where a memorial service was held at Richardson's Funeral home at 2:30 followed by interment in Hanover Cemetery. Rev. W.M. Sippell of the Evangelical Church officiated, assisted by the Presbyterian minister at Wroxeter.

The pall bearers were 2 brothers; John of Kitchener and Ben of Hanover, also Dr. Sylvester H. Zinn, Henry Boettger, John Voelzing and Sam Braun.

George Ernest Zinn Family
By Bill Dippel

To give some background on my ancestry, my Great Grandfather was George Ernest Zinn. He was a brother of Frederick Zinn who I believe was your Great Great Grandfather. My Grandmother, Rebecca Dippel (nee Zinn) was a first cousin of Mrs. John Quanz. When I grew up In the Evangelical Church on the 6th of Wallace I well remember Mr. and Mrs. John Quanz. Mr. Quanz had a beautiful white beard.

Family of George Ernest Zinn

Back Row L-R: Lena Schell, George Schell, Mary Zinn, Rebecca Zinn,
Katherine Zinn, Louisa Schell, Ezra Zinn, Caroline Zinn
Front Row L-R: George Zinn (Father), Susan Zinn, Julia Zinn, Matilda Zinn,
Amanda Zinn, Edward Zinn, Julianna Zinn (nee Leusing – 2nd wife)

I inherited Grandmother Dippel's old family albums. There were a lot of pictures of the Zinn family. George Zinn and his first wife had six girls and then his wife died at age 32 on the birth of a son (son also died). They are buried in Evangelical cemetery in Mildmay (now United Church). George then married a widow with five children and they had four more children. Many of the children moved west so our family has lost track of them. I do have an old picture of the second wife and all sixteen children. I identified all of the people in the pictures before my parents died, which was a blessing. I am trying to set up albums with a story of the family, as I know it, so my two sons will be able to identify with the family. This is about all I can tell you of the Zinn family.

Descendents of: George Ernest Zinn and Julianna Schoell (nee Leusing)

(1) Amanda Zinn Born 1872 – Died 1920 Married Solomon Miller
(2) Ezra Zinn Born 10 Nov 1869 Married Katherine ?
        (Didsbury Alta)
(3) Edward Zinn Married Bertha ?
        (Spokane Wash. USA)
Julianna Schoell’s children from her first marriage to Mr. Schoell.
(1) Leah Schell     Married Fred Boetger
(2) George Schell     Married Katherine ?
(3) Louisa Schell     Married Nicholas Schwalm
(4) Dan Schell     Married Lovina Miller
Descendents of: Peter Dippel     Born 10 Dec. 1860 - Died 15 Feb 1940
            Married 12 Jan 1887 to
                Rebecca Zinn     Born 21 May 1863 - Died 27 April 1954

(1) Oscar Peter Dippel     Born 18 April 1888 - Died 3 Sept. 1959
            Married 3 June 1925 to
                Anna Virdella Ankenmann     Born 20 Feb 1892 - Died 16 June 1974

(2) Clinton Edward Dippel     Born 11 April 1894 - Died 5 Jan 1968
            Married 25 Sept. 1929 to
                Thusnelda (Nelda) Mansz     Born 21 June 1899 - Died 30 June 1989

(3) Julietta Dippel     Born 16 April 1897 - Died 24 July 1997
            Married 28 April 1925 to
                Lloyd Lewis     Died 28 Sept. 1949
            Married 1 June 1955 to
                Alonzo Fisher     Died 8 Dec 1968

(4) Ezra George Dippel     Born 1 Jan 1902 - Died 14 Dec. 1926

50th Wedding Anniversary of Peter and Rebecca Dippel (1937)
Back Row L-R: Oscar Dippel, Lloyd Lewis, Julia Lewis, Clinton Dippel
Middle Row: Virdella Dippel, Peter Dippel, Rebecca Dippel, Nelda Dippel
Front Row: Elaine Dippel, Bill Dippel, Almon Lewis, Shirley Dippel

Descendents of: Oscar Peter Dippel and Anna Virdella Ankenmann
        (1) Lester Ross Dippel Born 28 Aug. 1927 - died 6 Jan 1933

        (2) Marjorie Elaine Dippel Born 9 Oct. 1928
            Married 5 Oct 1951 to
                Harvey William Douglas Born 4 May 1928

        (3) William Bruce Dippel Born 27 Feb. 1932
            Married 23 July 1960 to
                Annis Marie Porterfield Born 22 Sept. 1938

Descendents of: William Bruce Dippel and Annis Marie Porterfield
        (1) Robert William Dippel Born 26 Dec. 1961
            Married 23 June 1990 to
                Deanna Collpits Born 6 July 1964

        (2) Peter Cameron Dippel Born 21 Mar.1964
                Susan Fitzpatrick

Descendents of: Robert William Dippel and Deanna Collpits
        (1) Jack Alexander Dippel Born 9 Oct.1993

        (2) Benjamin Peter Dippel Born 6 July 1995

        (3) Sarah Jane Dippel Born 26 June 1997

        (4) Samuel Jacob Dippel Born 1 Sept. 1998

        (5) Katherine Louise Dippel Born 25 Jan 2001

Descendants of Christian Wilhelm Zinn

Generation No. 1

1. CHRISTIAN WILHELM1 ZINN died before 1770. He married UNKNOWN.


Occupation - Zeugund Raschmacher (Tuchmacher) in Hassleben


2. i. CHRISTIAN LUDWIG2 ZINN, b. Gorsleben, Prussia.
Generation No. 2

2. CHRISTIAN LUDWIG2 ZINN (CHRISTIAN WILHELM1) was born in Gorsleben, Prussia. He married REGINA DOROTHEA SCHREIBER October 21, 1770 in St. Walpurgis Church, Grossengottern, Prussia, daughter of JOHANN SCHREIBER and CHRISTINA FLINSSBERG.


Occupation - Master Shoemaker.


3. i. BERNHARD MARTIN3 ZINN, b. October 1, 1773, Prussia; d. October 15, 1848, Prussia. Buried at St. Walpurgis Church, Grossengottern, Germany.
Generation No. 3

3. BERNHARD MARTIN3 ZINN (CHRISTIAN LUDWIG2, CHRISTIAN WILHELM1) was born October 1, 1773 in Prussia, and died October 15, 1848 in Prussia. Buried at St. Walpurgis Church, Grossengottern, Germany. He married CHRISTINE ELIZABETH HIRT July 30, 1797 in St. Walpurgis Church, Grossengottern, Prussia, daughter of NICOL HIRT and ANNA EDLER.


Baptized April 26, 1799 at St. Walpurgiskirche, Grossengottern, Prussia. Bernhard was the only son of Christian Ludwig Zinn. Bernhard served as a Grenadier in a Prussian Infantry Regiment. He would have been 74 years old when his son George Andreas Zinn left for Canada in 1847. Bernhard died the following year.


4. i. GEORGE ANDREAS4 ZINN, b. April 24, 1799, Prussia; d. December 22, 1885, Prussia.
Generation No. 4

4. GEORGE ANDREAS4 ZINN (BERNHARD MARTIN3, CHRISTIAN LUDWIG2, CHRISTIAN WILHELM1) was born April 24, 1799 in Prussia, and died December 22, 1885 in Prussia. He married JOHANNA ELIZABETH SCHMIDT KLIPPSTEIN July 8, 1827 in St. Walpurgis Church, Grossengottern, Prussia, daughter of JOHANN BERNHARD SCHMIDT.


George was a farmer in Prussia. He emigrated from Grossengottern near Langensalza on April 4, 1847 to North America.


She was a widow, with two daughters, previously married to George Gottlob Klippstein on October 31, 1819.


i. FREDERICK5 ZINN, b. October 19, 1830, Breitenbach, Prussia; d. February 19, 1927, Hanover, Ontario; m. (1) CAROLINA KLEEMAN; m. (2) ELIZABETH DIPPEL.


There were 7 children in the first marriage and 3 in the second family.

ii. GEORGE ERNEST ZINN, b. November 2, 1832, Breitenbach, Prussia; d. August 1, 1913, Mildmay and buried in Mildmay Evangelical Cemetery; m. (1) MARGARET SCHWEITZER; m. (2) JULIANNA(LUISING) SCHOELL.

iii. HENRY CHRISTOPH ZINN, b. April 22, 1828, Grossgengottern, Prussia; d. March 5, 1920; m. AMELIA FAMME, February 24, 1852, Ellice Township, Perth County, Ontario, Canada.


Occupation - Farmer.


Amelia or perhaps Emilie with surname Famme or Famma

iv. CHRISTINA ELIZABETH KLIPPSTEIN, b. January 21, 1822; d. December 15, 1910; m. GEORGE BERNHARD BOETTGER.


Christine was a half sister of the Zinn brothers from her mother's first marriage. Baptised in St. Martinikirche. She came to Canada in 1847 and married George Bernhard Boettger.

v. ANNA ELIZABETH KLIPPSTEIN, b. February 10, 1820; d. 1895, Reichenbach; m. BERNHARDT KAISER, June 29, 1845, Langensalza.


She was a midwife. Anna remained in Germany.

- End -